Glucose Control Ring™

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Take control of your diabetes with the Glucose Control Ring™ which regulates your body's sugar circulation and increases insulin production!

Avoid the sugar spikes that damage your body and start having the optimal levels you desire, its healing magnets allow greater production of insulin.

The best gift for you or your loved ones, for a healthier life!

Controls Sugar Level

Magnets use magnetic field therapy to stimulate blood flow and accelerate metabolism, thus eliminating excess sugars. 

Increases Insulin Production

The ring stimulates hormones in the pancreas by increasing insulin production when it detects high blood sugar levels.

Non-Invasive 100% Safe

Easy to use and non-invasive. Simply place the ring and it will do all the work for you.

Relieves Pain and Inflammation

The magnet therapy ring also targets pain and inflammation in the fingers, knuckles, joints, hands and wrists.  


To all kinds of climatic environment, to facilitate its perfect use wherever you go and looking elegant style. 


 * Fits All Sizes

* Color: Black and Gold

* Size: 7x2mm