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Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream

Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream

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The Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream combines the powerful, naturally derived formula with innovative skincare technology to reduce fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness without irritating the delicate skin around the eyes.

The Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream Combines the Power of Nature & Science
The Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream is all you need to brighten, repair, and firm the skin around your eyes. Featuring a 45-degree curved design with fast-frequency micro-vibration technology, it provides a safe, mild, and soothing electric massage for the eye area, improving blood circulation and promoting faster absorption of the active ingredients.

The curved metal head applicator adheres to the eye muscles and applies in a cool, gentle way, providing immediate relief to tired, puffy eyes and addressing concerns such as dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The lightweight formula of this multi-dimensional eye cream is packed with a blend of anti-aging ingredients and moisturizing properties that nourishes the thin, delicate skin around the eyes and gives extra protection against environmental damage, pollution, and blue light exposure.
Sturgeon Caviar Extract
The lightweight, easy-to-absorb formula of this eye cream contains a high concentration of this anti-aging powerhouse. The hydrating sturgeon caviar extract has active firming and lifting components that help increase eye-area skin elasticity, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. This ingredient also targets and removes the milia (fat granules) around the eyes.
Gold Extract
Antioxidant-rich gold extract blocks free radicals that speed up signs of aging. Gold extract delivers hydration and antioxidant protection that help boost skin radiance and plumpness, revitalizing tired-looking eyes and brightening dark circles.
Peptides & Sodium Hyaluronate
This super moisturizing duo works synergistically to target puffiness, dryness, and saggy under-eye skin by boosting collagen production. Peptides work by keeping together the strands of collagen, improving the texture, tone, and firmness of the skin around the eye,

Since the eye-area skin is naturally prone to being dryer than the skin on the rest of your face, sodium hyaluronate works by keeping the area moist and supple. This hyaluronic acid derivative penetrates deeply to infuse plumpness and hydration into the skin and retains moisture, preventing dryness that leads to eye wrinkles and fine lines.

Snail Secretion Filtrate

Snail filtrate has a tissue repair ability that helps boost cell renewal, reversing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. This ingredient energizes and refreshes the skin around the eyes and reduces dark circles, making you look fresh and youthful.

Product Features:

  • Delivers gentle, micro-vibrations that boost blood circulation in the eye, so nutrients from the ingredients get absorbed better and faster
  • Minimizes dark circles and eye bags
  • Provides a cooling relief that instantly depuffs and revitalizes tired-looking eyes
  • Intensively moisturizes, repairs, and hydrates the eye-area skin, diminishing fine lines, crow’s feet, and eye wrinkles
  • Has a lightweight, smooth texture that doesn’t clog pores and cause milia or fat granules
  • Provides antioxidant protection that blocks blue light, UV rays, and free radicals

----------------User's Reviews----------------

Evie Mcdonald, USA

This has a gentle formulation that doesn’t sting my eyes. Plus, I love using the applicator, especially in the morning, to instantly depuff my eyes and give me a wide-awake look. I try to avoid putting rich creams in my eye-area skin because I tend to get Millia from thick creams. But this one has a texture that gets easily absorbed and doesn’t feel heavy. It really helps with puffiness and dark circles.


Lola Macdonald, AU

The Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream is one of the very few eye treatment creams that really live up to its claims! The texture and feel of this cream are just wonderful! It's chock-full of nourishing ingredients that really moisturize the thin skin around my eyes. Really lessens my eye wrinkles. I love the formula!


Libby Evans, UK

I bought the Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream and have been using it day and night for over two weeks, and I love the results! This softens, plumps, and brightens the skin around my eyes. The results are really visible! I use it under makeup during the day and it gives me the moisture I need. Thanks!


I tried using the Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream for a week, and it instantly leaves my under-eyes velvety-smooth on the first night of application. By the end of the one-week testing period, I noticed a slight reduction in my fine lines and dark circles and a noticeable improvement in skin texture and puffiness. I will recommend this to my readers!” - Chloe Hunt, content creator, MyBeautyStory


Sophia Palmer shares how the Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream got rid of her crow’s feet and dark circles in less than a month.

I’ve always had to deal with dark circles for as long as I can remember. But when I woke up one day and realized that my crow’s feet (smile lines) were getting prominent, I knew I had to do something about them. So, I bought the Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream.

Week 1:

The first time I used this eye cream, I was surprised at the immediate effect! The applicator was so convenient to use and gave tiny massages that felt so relaxing! I noticed that my eyes looked instantly bright, hydrated, and less puffy.

Week 2:

The second week of continued use and I noticed a huge improvement in my dark circles. I looked less stressed like I regularly had 8-hour sleep every night. This eye cream really did wonders! I noticed that the under-eye lines have smoothed out too.

Week 4:

I didn’t think it was possible for any product to get rid of my crow’s feet, but this stuff did! No more eye wrinkles in less than a month. This has done an awesome job at filling my eye-area skin with so much hydration that it completely fades the lines and wrinkles. Love it!


Product Specifications:

  • Unit weight: 20g
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Main ingredients: Gold Extract, Sturgeon Caviar Extract, Collagen, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Sodium Hyaluronate

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Gold Caviar™ Electric Wand Eye Cream
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