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GrowHair™ - Spray | 1+1 FREE!

GrowHair™ - Spray | 1+1 FREE!

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Make your hair thicker and healthy!

GrowHair™ Spray regrows thinning or balding hair with invigorating ginger essence, unclogs follicles and stimulates hair or beard growth. With these circulation boosters, hair can be lengthened within 1-2 weeks with visible results.

Why is GrowHair™ perfect for you?

Fast hair growth - Accelerate hair growth and thickening by 30-40% within weeks with lasting results and see your hair transform from thin and bald patches to shiny and healthy hair.

Stop Hair Loss - Delay the production of DHT (a harmful compound that causes follicles to shrink) to control hair loss. With 100% natural plant extracts and a proven reactivating formula that promotes hair growth and makes hair shiny and smooth.

Ginger Essence - Heals and nourishes the scalp with powerful hair growth agents derived from ginger. Degreases and energizes follicles to unclog scalp and promote hair growth.

Safe to use - No harsh chemicals, fragrances or side effects. Product is non-greasy and has a totally lightweight, non-sticky and fast absorbing texture. Safe for colored, permed and all hair types.

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