Height Insoles™

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Increase your height, without wearing heels or uncomfortable platforms!

Height Insoles™ allow you to look taller in an elegant, comfortable and natural way. They are very easy to use and suitable for anyone, they can be worn at work, at home or anywhere you go.

☑️CUSTOMIZED SIZE - You can choose the height you want to grow with the different sizes: 2.5cm, 3.5cm, 4cm and 5cm.

☑️PROTECTS FEET - Silicone material, is impact resistant, protects the heel and provides more comfort.

☑️TRANSPIRABLE - Prevent foot odors, Height Insoles™ allows feet to breathe.

☑️ EASY TO WEAR - Wear it inside socks and it will feel like the actual heel as it fits snugly around the edge.

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Package contains:

-1x Pair of Height Insoles™