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Silk Anti-Sweat Shirt™

Silk Anti-Sweat Shirt™

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Wearing a cotton T-shirt in summer,Does the heat still seem unbearable to you?

This men's fashion silk POLO shirt will make you feel cooler in the hot summer.

Men's ice silk POLO shirt 3D cutting process, stylish and attractive, ice silk material, refreshing and comfortable. It does not fade, it does not bulge, and it is resistant to friction. It is a must-have summer t-shirt in your wardrobe.

Main features

▶ Soft and skin-friendly

Ice silk fabric from selected high-quality mulberry silk, smooth and silky in texture, soft and skin-friendly. The classic version of the polo shirt fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer.

▶ 3D tailoring

With precision tailoring, smooth stitching and a one-piece design, it's stiff and comfortable without wrinkles. Naturally and softly, it can be worn by any figure. The cuffs are slightly elastic and not tight, allowing you to move freely during exercise.

▶ Comfortable and breathable

Sweat-absorbent, non-sticky and dry fabric, cool and comfortable. Your body temperature instantly drops after you put it on, giving you an unprecedented new cooling experience.

▶ Zipper design

Neck zipper design makes it more comfortable to wear. The threaded flap design keeps the neck stiff and is not easily deformed for a long time.

▶ Suitable for many occasions

It is very suitable for daily casual wear. At the same time, it can also be worn to go to parties or gatherings, play golf, jog and other simple exercises. It can be matched with sports pants, suit pants, casual pants and other pants.

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