Tracing Robot™

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Captivate your children with fun and educational toys!

Created to keep your kids artistic, creative and imaginative! This Tracing Robot™ features an optical sensor that reads the black line on a piece of paper and is proven to be more fun for children ages 3 and up.

With robot eyes that light up when you turn this robot on! This amazing Tracing Robot™ allows your child to get more involved with writing, drawing and developing their writing skills! It's entertaining, fun and comes in three color options (blue, orange, yellow).

Product features:

  • Easy to start: Draw a line on a white paper and flip the switch at the bottom of the robot. Place the robot on the drawn line and it will follow it automatically.
  • Creativity and precision: with this toy, your kids can improve their creative thinking, imagination, precise drawing skills and even their timing.
  • Endless fun and laughter: play should be fun, imaginative and educational, because our children deserve it.
  • Perfect for your kids: highly recommended for children! It will certainly be more fun for them when the robot is on and they will follow the lines.