TrainUp™ - Pelvis Leg Trainer

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Strengthen pelvic floor and body tension!

Our TrainUp™ completely tones your body, working your arms, chest, abductors, back, buttocks, waist, thighs and calves. Thanks to its extreme versatility, you'll say goodbye to soft arms and abs, flat buttocks and a bloated perineum while staying comfortable at home! - The perfect gift to give yourself after pregnancy!

Why is this TrainUp™ perfect for you?

Achieve perfect curves - Achieve a perfect curve by exercising your deep muscles: inner thighs, triceps, biceps, quads, pecs to lift the chest. Excellent for people who sit all day.

Perfect after birth - you have given life, one of the most beautiful things in the world, now you need to take care of yourself, your health and your body. With this program you will get a shapely buttocks and tight perineum.

Sweat Absorbing Handles - The handles are padded with sweat absorbing soft foam so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe workout. It is made of thick, soft foam that is comfortable to hold!

Easy to use - Place it between your arms, your thighs. 5 to 10 minutes a day. It's small and can be taken anywhere, even on vacation, so you can track your workout anywhere and never let go.