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Big Bone Corrector™

Big Bone Corrector™

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If your bunions are not treated properly, they can lead to further health problems. Some common health problems that result from untreated bunions are arthritis, bursitis, hammertoe and metatarsalgia. Don't accept low quality of life with severe bunion pain. Finally, there is a natural and painless solution in sight. Our Straightening Splint is specifically designed by professionals to reduce bunion pain and help you recover.


The combination of the straightening splint and gel bunion pads is orthopedically designed to treat bunions and eliminate daily swelling, chronic pain and inflammation. In case your bump has already formed, this brace allows you to relieve pain caused by rubbing and prevent calluses, blisters and corns. More specifically, the bunion corrector gently repositions the big toe into a more natural alignment, providing uniformity in toe direction, improved balance and gait, all while reducing pain!


Correct your bunions in a gentle, comfortable way using our revolutionary Big Bone Corrector™. Wear it simply day or night for immediate relief after a hard day. It will effectively relieve pain and relieve pressure on your feet. By using it for 5 to 15 minutes a day, you can expect to feel a big difference in a few weeks. Daily activities will suddenly transform from painful to painless - start enjoying your life again!


Never again worry about having to live with painful, untreated bunions. Your bunions will be treated and corrected as soon as the brace is placed. Wear it at home during normal daily activities or in bed while you sleep. They slip on the foot like a sock and can even be worn under socks, all day long for maximum comfort and bunion correction. They fit all sizes and can be enjoyed by both men and women.


  • Saves money on unnecessary surgery.
  • Correct your bunions in a couple of days.
  • Instant relief.
  • Does not restrict movement.
  • Universal size, fits all adult feet.
  • Enjoy natural and beautiful feet.
  • Perform your activities without pain.


How long should I use it?

We recommend starting the treatment by wearing it for 5-15 minutes at first and increasing by 5 minutes per session until you can comfortably wear it for 30 minutes or more. It is important to give your foot muscles enough time to adapt and recover while stretching.

What size should I choose?

It is made of high-quality elastic and breathable fabric that makes them fit all adult feet.

Can I wash them?

Yes, of course! To maintain the quality and effect we recommend hand washing them with soap in cold water and then airing them out.


Package includes:

- 1x Big Bone Corrector™

If you want 2 units, please select 2 in your cart*.

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