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Portable Blender Bottle

Portable Blender Bottle

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Enjoy Fresh Drinks or Smoothies anywhere you go.

This small and portable blender can crush ice, frozen fruits and be taken on the go. With revolutionary design you don't even need a cup or a glass to enjoy your tasty drinks, Drink it straight from the blender bottle! Just fill up 2/3 of the blender with fruits of your choice and it will blend them in just 30 seconds!

Waterproof and Easy To Clean!

Just pour some warm water, add some dish soap and let it run! You just rinse it out with clean water and it is ready for your next smoothie, protein shake, baby food or a latte. 

Wireless Charging.

It comes with a wireless charging dock, so searching for a charging cable won't be a problem! One full charge gets you about 14 cups of delicious smoothies!

How It Works

Step 1: Make sure your Blender is fully charged. Twist to unscrew the bottle from the blender base.

Step 2: Fill the Blender up with fruits or vegetables of choice, then add your milk or liquid of choice. Make sure you screw it back on tight! Or else it won't turn on!

Step 3: Double click the button on the bottom to start blending, in 30 seconds it will automatically turn off. If you want to turn it off manually just press the button once.

Step 4: Enjoy your refreshing, tasty and nutritious smoothie!

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