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Women Urinal™

Women Urinal™

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Hating to “hover” in public ladies’ room, I believe that you too - With this, you can stay away from dirty public toilets.

Pee freely no matter where you are.Much healthier if you release your urine on time.

Change The Tradition Way and Make Life Easier

The squat-free women's urinal allows you to stand up and pee without worrying about overgrown jungles, snowy winters, and dirty toilet seats in public toilets

A Good Helper of Life

Outdoor activities and travel, the flexible funnel can help you solve the problem of NO Restroom, it can also help the injured person, let her stand to pee, avoid squatting bring body pain.

Ergonomics and Splash-Proof Design

It adopts a curved design that fits the female body, a large-radius structure design to effectively prevent urine from spilling, a funnel design for liquid discharge, enables women to stand and urinate without squat.

Reusable and Foldable

For any outdoor activity, You can fold the female urinal device into the drawstring bag and carry it around. so easy and convenient, does not take up space. With it, you no longer have to worry about the dirtiness of public toilets.

Care for Your Health

The female funnel is made of soft and flexible medical grade silicone, free from harmful substances, prevent odor, safer, and easier to clean. Can be washed with soapy water for repeated use.



Material: Silicone

Function: Allows Women to Pee Standing Up

Product Weight: 17g

Product Size: 10 × 10 × 1.5cm

Color: Rose Red/Purple/Orange

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