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Non-Stick Egg Boiler™

Non-Stick Egg Boiler™

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The operation is simple. Simply crack open the egg and pour it into the cooking egg cup. It's easy to make soft poached or boiled eggs, mini omelets and other egg delights. Never worry about being tired of just boiling eggs and peeling shells. Egg cups are not suitable for use in microwave ovens: be careful when handling them, as the contents will be very hot.


  • Includes BPA Free, non-stick silicone egg cooking cups, Temperature safe from -40°F to +248°F(-40℃ to +120℃). Thermodynamic design allows eggs to cook just like in the shell.
  • The perfect hard-boiled egg cooker without the shell makes cooking eggs easier than ever!

  • Non-Stick Egg Boiler™ let you easily make soft, medium, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelets, salads and more. Crack open the eggs, pour into a cooking cup, boil and serve. These are dishwasher Safe and easy to clean.
  • The non-stick, silicone pods provide a water-tight lid that prevents water from entering during the boiling process.

  • Make your favorite delicious egg dishes and Never Peel a hard-boiled egg again! The egg boiler fits perfectly in any pot. Just put enough water to let them float in it, no need to worry about the pot size.

  • The egg cooker fits perfectly in any pot. No need to worry about the pot size. Only need enough water to let them float in the water (Recommend using stockpot). Detachable & Handy, you can put 1-6PCS egg cooker in the pot as your needs. Egg cups are NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN THE MICROWAVE.

  • Use it to prepare egg bites, egg whites, fruit, cupcakes, frozen treats, candy, or for food storage or serving dips and sauces. Also hold small items

  •  Please use caution when handling as contents will be very hot.Then put it in cold water(about 1 minute), the egg is easier to detachment from the egg cooker.2, The controlled heating temperature, because Intense boiling water can cause the egg cup to sway.

How to use


  • Material: silicone + PP
  • Color: Red
  • Product size: 7*7*9 cm
  • Product weight: PP (15g) silica gel (15g)


You need to spray edible oil(non-stick spray, cooking oil or coconut oil) in the egg cooker before use for avoiding eggs stuck in the egg cooker.

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