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See Through Day & Night Visor™

See Through Day & Night Visor™

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The See Through Day & Night Visor™ reduces the blinding glare from sunlight during the day as you're driving, while also helping to minimize the dangerous visual effects of the high beams that stream from oncoming headlights at night. 

The See Through Day & Night Visor™ drops down from your car's visor to block glare from headlights, streetlights, and the blinding sun. It is the only sun visor that reduces glare and turns your vision into “high definition”. Not only is this drop down visor HD, it's the only visor with a dual lens so you can block glare both during the day and at night. This has the double technology as the hot selling Night Driving glasses on the market.


Traditional car visors block your view but See Through Day & Night Visor™ cuts glare while still allowing you to see in front of you, and with the HD technology you will see with better clarity. With See Through Day & Night Visor™ you'll get glare-free driving day or night!

Other glare visors being sold are simply tinted plastic, while See Through Day & Night Visor™ offers true glare protection, just like high quality sunglasses. No need to remember your sunglasses or night time glasses in your car anymore, just flip down your See Through Day & Night Visor™!

See Through Day & Night Visor™ is the ONLY visor on the market that includes the exclusive NIGHT DRIVING lens in addition to the HD VISION Day lens!

See Through Day & Night Visor™ Features and Benefits...
  • See with HD clarity.
  • Blocks glare during the day and night.
  • Includes night and day driving lens in one.
  • True glare protection, not just tinted plastic.
  • Blinding glare from the sun during the day.
  • Brightens vision and cuts harsh headlight glare at night.
  • Enhances colour, clarity and contrast.
  • Easy to install and use. Simply attach the claw to your existing visor. Claw extends to fit universal visors 4.72"-7.48" (120mm-190mm).
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