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Backless Bra™

Backless Bra™

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The only backless bodysuit with plunging neckline

Unique design

This is a comfortable and elegant lingerie that offers you :

- Excellent support for your breasts
- A sculpted silhouette
- Invisible neckline top


With its light pads, the BodySuit will discreetly lift your breasts to enhance their natural shape in your most beautiful outfits.

Lightweight and adjustable, the bodysuit will be totally invisible under bare backs or plunging necklines thanks to its adjustable transparent straps.


The BodySuit has 3 loops to adjust the adjustable transparent straps. You can wear the bodysuit in cross-over or bare midriff version. The transparent strap at the front of the bodysuit is removable so you can make your necklines more pronounced.  

 Crossed version


 Naked version


S 34-36 32A / 32B /32C / 34A
M 36-38 34C / 34D / 36A /36B
L 38-40 36C /36D / 38A
XL 40-42

38C / 38D / 40B / 40D

NOTE: Items may have slight color difference and 0.4- 1 size difference due to manual measurement.

*In case of doubt, we recommend you to choose one size up.

 Package includes:

-1x Backless Bra™

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