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CrossBra™ Posture Bra

CrossBra™ Posture Bra

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Extra strength is a must!

We all know the problem of finding a bra that is comfortable enough to wear but stylish enough to exude a confident look. A bra that is not too tight but still offers firmness.

Our CrossBra™ is the comfort you need! These extremely comfortable bras are made of soft, stretchy and silky material allowing you to move freely while wearing . The anti-bump back format ensures maximum comfort and prevents incorrect posture. This bra is perfect for everyday wear.

Double design, double pleasure

You can really feel the firmness of our CrossBra™ , which is what it is designed for. It is specially designed to support bra wearing , create a push-up effect and support posture.

Goodbye heavy breasts and back pain

Our bra is the only bra in the world that properly supports your bust without sacrificing your back and shoulders. For example, the CrossBra™ ensures that you won't suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain

  • Effortless exercise

Our comfortable and supportive bra straps create a natural push-up effect, lifting and supporting the bust. Comfort when moving as if you feel nothing.

  • The perfect fit

With a crossed back panel that brings your body into natural alignment, it improves poor posture and rounded shoulders without the discomfort! Made of breathable stretch fabric, it is invisible even under white t-shirts!

  • Extra liftend effect

Designed for an extra lifting effect, this front closure enhances cleavage while smoothing out pesky armpit fat and bulges, giving you the perfect sassy silhouette.

  • Feel safe all day long

Imagine waking up or about to exercise and putting on your Posture Bra. You feel safe and comfortable all day long. No more irritation, no more bra falling off, no more pain or other uncomfortable situations. You know you have the bra for all occasions!



Upper Bust (cm)

Lower Bust (cm) Weight (Kgs)
M 81-85 68-72 45-50
L 86-90 73-77 50-55
XL 91-95 78-82 55-60
2XL 96-100 83-87 60-65
3XL 101-105 88-92 65-70


Note: If you are unsure of your size, it is best to order one size larger to ensure the best fit 


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