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Compression Stockings™

Compression Stockings™

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Do you have varicose veins, spider veins, fatigue, and swelling in your legs?

Compression Stockings™ are specifically designed to stimulate blood circulation in the legs and feet, and help relieve and reduce swelling and pain.

☑️NO MORE PAIN - No more living with that nagging leg pain. Our stockings are specially designed to reduce pain and swelling by up to 89%.

☑️DAILY USE - You can wear them all day long to be able to do any kind of activity without any discomfort. Even while you sleep.

☑️COMFORTABLE - Made of a thin, flexible fabric, they are discreet and suitable for use with any type of footwear - you won't even notice you're wearing them! 

☑️BREATHABLE - 100% breathable and quality materials. Soft inside and prevent sweat.

How does it work?

Compression Stockings™  are made of medical-grade fabric that promotes blood circulation, helping to relieve tiredness, pain and fatigue. Ideal for the treatment of varicose and spider veins, diabetic support, long flights, nursing, maternity and general leg and foot swelling.


   ★ Medical Grade Screen

   ★ Improve Mobility

   ★ Reduce Swelling

   ★ All ages

   ★ Unisex

Size Guide

Size Ankle Measurement 
Gemelo Measure 
S-M 14-19 cm 24-31 cm
L-XL 18-23 cm 28-33 cm
XXL 20-26 cm 32-36 cm


Package Includes:

-1x Compression Stockings™

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