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Natural Detox Patches™

Natural Detox Patches™

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Excellent Benefits, see for yourself.

Ancient knowledge of oriental culture at the service of everyone.

 Do you feel tired and sore feet after a long working day? Introducing The Natural Detox Patch. Ideal for detoxifying and restoring nutrients in the body; promotes better blood circulation while giving you the best relaxation and healing effects. Substantially improves your health while helping you live your life to the fullest.   

🌿Helps in the Reduction of pain and discomfort, generating Calm and relaxation.

🌿Aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

🌿Improved sleep quality.

🌿Generates Increased blood circulation, Rejuvenation of the skin and Increased energy levels.

🌿 Eliminates fatigue and foot pain.

Tourmaline: Traditional use to cleanse and energize the inside of the body. Helps reduce pain and improve sleep quality.

Dokudami: In Japan it is considered a "cure-all" medicinal herb. Helps with body coldness, coughs, infected sores, gastritis, chronic pain and more.

Bamboo Charcoal and Bamboo Vinegar: Anti-bacterial, anti-odor, purification of the body system, elimination of impurities. Makes you feel refreshed and energetic.


It is unsurpassed in quality and is also 100% eco-friendly, due to the fact that they are infused with beneficial elements. These elements when reacting with sweat cause the color of the patch to change, which should be visibly darker after use. That's how you know the detox is working!

Use advanced traditional oriental medicinal techniques to remove these unwanted elements from your body and improve your metabolism, blood flow and overall well-being!

Observe the daily progress of toxin elimination, simple and effective!

5 days (10 patches) you will feel changes and know it works.

10 days (20 patches) noticeable relief.

30 Day Complete Detoxification Program


Soak your feet in warm water and dry them with a clean cloth. Peel off the larger side of the adhesive backing from the patch. Place the sachet of ingredients in the center of the adhesive. Align and stick the patch with the short adhesive backing to the inside of your foot. Remove the shorter adhesive backing and stick firmly. Allow the patch to stick overnight and remove it in the morning. Wash your feet with warm water afterwards.


What is the treatment?

Basic Healing (1 ZONE): 20 patches for 10 days. This option targets only zone 1, for 10 days >> zone 1 for 10 days.

Complete Healing (3 ZONES): 40 patches for 20 days. This option targets all 3 zones, for 20 days >> zone 1 for 10 days, then zone 2 for 5 days and zone 3 for 5 days.

Reinforced Healing: (3 ZONES): 60 patches for 30 days. This option targets the 3 zones, for 30 days >> zone 1 for 15 days, then zone 2 for 10 days, and zone 3 for 5 days.

Package includes:

- 10x Detox Patches™

- 20x Detox Patches™ 

- 50x Detox Patches™ 

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