Leak Proof Menstrual Panties™

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No more frustration or self-doubt! Our technology will block any leaks you have. These leak-free panties protect you from periods, urine and sweat. Imagine how relaxed you'll feel when you no longer have to keep worrying and checking yourself.

Our panties consist of three protective layers. These layers protect you from urine, menstruation and sweat. The first layer is leak-proof and stops most leaks. The second layer absorbs leaks and prevents them from passing through.

These stretchy, high-waisted ab shaping pants will flatten your waist and tummy while giving your booty a little boost! With optimal compression that keeps everything firmly in place, you'll create a flattering silhouette even under the tightest dress!

It helps tighten the bottom and lift the buttocks naturally, gives you the curves you want, makes your buttocks look bigger, sexier and more beautiful.