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Massage Insoles™

Massage Insoles™

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Soft & Cool Cushioning For Your Feet!

Introducing the Magnetic Therapy Massage Insole!  With 8 cooling magnets produce gentle magnetic waves with natural magnetic fields & cooling, soft, smooth stones! 


  • Relieve Overall Body Pain, Tension, Cool & Soothe Feet and Boost Endurance with Acupuncture Technology. 

  • Massage key areas of your feet with massage points & special magnets.

  • Balance energy in your body to reduce stress, increase energy, balance mind & body, increase fitness and lose weight. 

  • Any footwear, Any Age. Easy to cut by cutting to your exact size. 


  • Unisex: We recommend 25cm for women and 27-29cm for men
  • 25cm (35-40), 27cm (40-44), 29cm (44-48)
  • Materials: Soft Touch Gel, Magnets
  • Colors: White, Blue


  • 1 X Pair Massage Insoles™
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