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Experience the results of the best-selling body foundation in Europe and Asia!

The Premium Body Base™ is a foundation totally different from other brands on the market. Its technology is the passion and sensation among women and renowned makeup artists around the world.

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Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream - Sunailoom

The Premium Body Base™ conceals imperfections with a matte effect, also offering you water and sweat resistance, keeping your makeup safe and intact for longer, and hydrating your skin for more than 24 hours.

This base is designed to protect your skin in any environment, even in the sun. It has an average SPF of 40.

It is perfect for any type of skin. Its 3-in-1 construction makes it a practical product that is easy to reach everywhere.


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Unlike other foundations on the market, Premium Body Base™ protects the skin with natural ingredients, providing hydration and eliminating the risks of acne, pimples and other skin discomforts.


Package includes:

  • 1x Premium Body Base™
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