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Tired of bra straps pushing painful grooves into your shoulders? This is the perfect solution!

The wireless shaper bra is super comfortable and can be worn all day without worrying about band marks or pain in the shoulders. The bra has no wire structure, so no ugly bra lines. The bra is made of super comfortable nylon elastane material that provides uninterrupted, breathable support all day long. Say goodbye to your old tight and uncomfortable bras.


Wireless Structure - The bra has no wire structure, which makes it very breathable and comfortable to wear, so you can enjoy every day without leaving marks on your shoulders.

Nylon Elastane Fabric - The bra is made of nylon elastane fabric, which is extremely comfortable and resistant to body fat and sweat to avoid all kinds of skin allergies.

Foam cups - The bra has foam cups so you can wear any top and it won't show under the bra. Put on your best tops and nothing will show through.


No more painful bra straps that make you uncomfortable in your favorite outfits.

S 70A/70B/70C
M 70D/75A/75B/75C/75D/80A/80B
L 80C/80D/85A/85B
XL 85C/85D/90A
XXL 90B/90C/90D/95A/95B
3XL 95C/95D/100A/100B/100C/100D
4XL 105A/105B/105C/105D/110A/110B