Thermo-Sensing Color Changing Hair Dye 【Last Day Promotion- 50% OFF】

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The First Heat-Activated Color Changing Hair Dye

Thermo-Sensing Hair Dye is a heat-activated color-changing hair dye.  You'll be turning heads when your hair magically turns a different color!

The base color is activated under 18° Degrees (64° F) and the second color is activated above 18° Degrees(64° F).

Thermo-Sensing Hair Dye is available in 4 color combos that transform when exposed to heat:
Blue to Pink
Green to Yellow
Smokey Grey to Silver
Purple to Rose
Use a combination of Thermo-sensing dyes to create a vivid color-changing experience. You can do this much by overlapping your dying layers.

Thermo-Sensing Color Changing Hair is infused with natural Brazilian argan oil and the essence of keratine to keep hair hydrated and healthy.