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Titanium™ Shoes

Titanium™ Shoes

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Unsuitable shoes can generate countless negative consequences for your feet, causing blisters, corns, calluses, bunions, and pain in the soles of your feet, spine and joints.

Avoid foot injuries and foot fatigue in high-risk, high-impact environments.

The Titanium Max™ Men's Tennis Trainer is built with the toughest materials in the world to resist any kind of damage, not even a nail can puncture it.


The Titanium Max™ Men's Tennis Shoes are ideal for everyday and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, camping, cycling, running, etc.

Update your style with these lightweight and comfortable tennis shoes that you can wear on a daily basis. In addition to comfort and lightness, you'll have maximum protection against any danger!


Quality that will surprise you.
It's time to change your old shoes for ones that give you the stability, comfort and safety you deserve.


Its toe cap is equipped with solid steel to protect your feet from any accident or fall of hard and heavy objects, offering total safety and protection.


Its sole, equipped with military anti-penetration technology, provides your body with all the support and safety you need.

Its midsole is equipped with Kevlar, a very light and resistant synthetic aramid fiber that provides a strong protective barrier against cuts and punctures. Kevlar is a heat-resistant material that is five times stronger than steel.

Compared to the traditional steel plate midsole of safety boots, kevlar midsole is lighter and has better anti-puncture performance.

Do you work or play a sport that places high demands on your feet?

Made with a slip-resistant sole with anti-crushing features, Titanium Max ensures that your feet are always safe in all circumstances, even in the worst conditions.

Unbelievably comfortable!

Unlike most safety boots, our exclusive Titanium Max™ shoe is extremely flexible and comfortable. You'll forget you're wearing it.

You no longer have to worry about sweaty feet, Titanium Max™ is breathable and quick-drying, which prevents feet from unwanted peeing and perspiration.


  • High shock absorption technology that prevents injuries and foot pain.
  • Waterproof base that does not puncture and keeps the soles of the feet fully protected.
  • Waterproof system that keeps feet always dry.
  • Non-slip sole that prevents falls on dry and wet floors.
  • Insulating material with anti-shock effect.
  • Ultra-resistant lining made to last a lifetime.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: weighs only 450 grams.
  • Bold design and designed for work and outdoor activities in difficult conditions.


Foot Size (cm) Size EU Size
Shoe Width (cm)
24.5 7 39 83
25 7.5 40 84
25.5 8 41 86
26 8.5 42 87
26.5 9 43 89
27 9.5 44 90

When in doubt, we recommend choosing one size up.

Package Includes:

- 1x Pair of Titanium Max™ Men's Tennis Shoes.

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