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Wart Removal Pen™

Wart Removal Pen™

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Remove warts, spots, moles or freckles that disfigure your skin!

Have you ever thought about how good you would look with smooth and homogeneous skin? Stop suffering from your skin imperfections! Quickly dispose of your warts, blemishes or blackheads without expensive treatments.


How It Work

The Wart Removal Pen works with ionized carbonization technology, it can precisely control the current, quickly dilute melanin, and restore flawless skin without skin damage, bleeding, and side effects. Unlike the traditional method of removing moles with medication, this pen uses non-intrusive and non-harmful methods to remove moles.



Different Intensity Levels: Nine adjustable power output levels, which are convenient and reliable and have a wider application range.

Needle with Lightweight Design: Medical class needle with ultra-thin and lightweight design for easy removal of all kinds of spots.

USB Charger: can be powered on cell phone adapters, computer USB plugs, and power banks.

Portable and Ergonomic Design: so you can use it during business trips or traveling.


  • Material: ABS+copper needle
  • Color: white
  • Size:15*2*2cms
  • Weight:132g


* If the diameter of the affected area is greater than 4mm, consult a professional beautician or physician.

* Do not touch the affected area with water for 15 days after use.

* This product must be connected to a USB line to work, it is not wireless.

* Use 5V1A or 5V2A universal adapters, do not use fast charging plugs (9V/12V voltage) to power the product to avoid excessive product power and burn the pen; also avoid the adapter power too low (such as 5V 500mA).

Package Includes:

1 x Disposal Pen

1 x USB Power Line

5 x Replacement Needles

1 x User Manual

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