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Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail™

Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail™

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Tired of waiting for the tow truck or going to the car shop? Are punctures too expensive? Does your vehicle constantly lose pressure?

Stop ruining your trips and be prepared to arrive early every time!

In just a few minutes you can fix your car, motorcycle or bicycle tires. With our Nails Tire Repair™ l you will be able to repair tires without long waits and high costs.

No matter where you are if you have these nails and a screwdriver you will be able to continue your ride without any delay.

There is no need to disassemble the tires, which makes tire repair easier and more efficient.

Lossless and Efficient

The inner diameter is less than 5mm, no damage to tires, no air leakage. Simply insert the nail into the tire puncture to complete the simple and efficient tire repair work.

Perfect Sealing Effect

Firmly adheres to the tire, has high connection strength, good sealing performance prevents water from entering the puncture, so the steel belt will not rust or delaminate.

Easy to Handle

Easy to install with this nail you can repair your tire by yourself, don't waste time looking for the repair shop, and save money and time.

High Temperature & Wear Resistance

Made of high quality rubber, features high temperature resistance, high hardness and high wear resistance. Long service life, one repair is enough, no need for two repairs.

Wide Application

Professional puncture repair nails can be used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses and agricultural tires.



★ Material: Rubber

★ Size:

  • Small: 11,7x5,3 mm
  • Large: 12,7x6,8 mm

★ Includes: 4 / 8 / 12 x Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail™.

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