Ultra-Bond Metal Repair Compound

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Impenetrable Repairs Guaranteed To Last

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Our quick-drying Ultra-Bond Metal Repair Compound is a must-have for every toolbox.


💪 Highly effective adhesive agent specifically designed to replicate and replace torch welding

💪 High-temperature resistance up to 150°C, harder than iron when fully cured

💪 Superior bond strength that will hold in place forever. Shape, tap, drill, or file it to fill any shape

💪 2-step preparation, simple application, 2-hour dry time, 24 hour cure time

💪 Primarily used for iron and steel casting, repair fuel tanks, cracks, concrete breaks, sand holes, pores, and so much more 

If you want to make lasting repairs that are stronger than the original piece, then look no further than this super-compound. When combined in equal parts, the two pastes create a super-glue unlike any other, designed specifically for metal. 

The result is an impenetrable repair that can't be melted, frozen, cracked, or creased. Not everyone has access to a welding machine to make quick metal repairs, but anyone and everyone can have this compound.

Our Ultra-Bond Metal Repair Compound is incredibly hard, the decision to buy it is not.


Material: Adhesive Gel
Size: 20 g/set
Color: A – Gray, B – Yellow
Volume Ratio: A: B – 1:1
Curing Time: 24 hours at room temperature