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Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger Soap

Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger Soap

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Let us take a peek at some successful healing cases from our customers before we present our product!

Maurice Jones, 28 has had a swollen lymph node on her neck for about a year now. She always complains about the pain and discomfort that she is having plus the fact that she fears that it might get worse in the long run. Fortunately, she discovered this Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger Soap and immediately tried it. To her delight after two weeks of consecutive use, her lymph node subsided slowly and she is no longer in pain.



“ It has been 2 weeks now since I started using this soap and I’m glad I did! I used to fear this lymph node on my neck and the discomfort and pain that it has been giving me. Now I am very happy that it has subsided and hopefully won’t come back anymore. I am very satisfied with this product and am truly grateful to have found this.”

Maurice Jones
Hazlet, New Jersey


Amando Keene, 32 years old is an accountant in San Francisco. His job keeps him tied on his chair for long hours and as a result, makes his knee swell at the end of the day. He has been suffering from pain due to this for about 2 years now and has tried a lot of pain relief cream that he can find but at no luck to his dismay. But when he heard about this Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger Soap, he wasted no time to purchase and try it out. After a month of continued use, he no longer experienced leg and foot swelling and was quite relieved that he had found the solution to his problem.


“I’ve tried a lot of pain reliever for leg and foot swelling because of the long hours that I had to sit on my office chair doing tons of paperwork from this law firm. Everytime I go home, I am always beaten up with the pain brought about by the swelling of my foot and legs. This soap had been a great help to me, with just a month of using, the swelling subsided and the pain was gone. Helped to correct my blood circulation. I am a happy user and will continue using it from now on!”

Amara Keene
Inverness, Florida


2 Key Ingredients that plays an important role in Lymphatic Cure:

  • Ginger Extract
  • Shea Butter

Ginger Extract

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body’s DNA. They may help your body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diseases of the lungs, plus promote healthy aging. Ginger boasts a potent compound called gingerol, which includes antioxidant properties and reduces inflammatory enzymes. As a result, ginger is “beneficial for inflammatory-related conditions and pain relief” according to Dr. O'Neill of Healthline Tenessessee.

Shea Butter

Shea butter contains triterpenes. These naturally occurring chemical compounds are thought to deactivate collagen fiber destruction. This may minimize the appearance of fine lines and result in plumper skin. Shea’s moisturizing and antioxidant properties work together to help your skin generate healthy new cells. Shea butter stops keloid fibroblasts scar tissue from reproducing, while encouraging healthy cell growth to take their place. may help sore muscles in the same way it may help joint pain by reducing inflammation.

What is remarkable about this Lymphatic Detox Organic Ginger Soap?

  • Helps cure lymphatic drainage
  • Body Detoxification
  • Eliminates armpit fats
  • Removes lymph nodes
  • Relieves swelling on body parts
  • Eliminate dark spots
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Protects skin and rashes, can prevent face and body acne
  • Gently removes dead and excess skin
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Make the skin healthy and shiny, can be used as a natural antibacterial agent
  • Natural moisturizers and soothes skin conditions 
  • Fast Results
  • Suitable for skin with uneven skin tone.

All Natural Ingredients:

  • Ginger Extract, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Wormwood

How to Use:

  1. Apply soap on face and body during bath time
  2. Leave it on for several minutes with concentration on the concerned area of the body
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Use daily for best results

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