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Anti-Oil Mattifying Roller™

Anti-Oil Mattifying Roller™

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Eliminate oil instantly!

Our certified volcanic stone works hard to soak up 25% of its own weight in oil and dirt. Touch up throughout the day to maintain a shine-free, matte finish wherever you go.

Purify your skin
Purify your skin with mineral-rich volcanic stone. Its antioxidant and anti-microbial properties heal irritated skin and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. Keep your lovely face fresh and dry.

Preserve makeup
Ladies, oil is our makeups worst enemy. No more of that melty and sticky glazed donut life  — just roll the oil away. Leave your concealer or foundation beautifully set and untouched.

The earth is warming  enough of wasteful blotting papers. Easily wash and re-use the Boutlook Mattifying Roller.  Mother earth gave us these minerals, so let's return her favour.

How to use

1. Remove the cap.

2. Gently roll the volcanic stone over T-zone or anywhere you have excess oil.

3. To clean: twist the locking ring around the stone clockwise to unlock, then remove the volcanic stone. Wash with warm water and gentle cleanser. Rinse and allow to air-dry overnight.

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