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Hair Straightening Brush™

Hair Straightening Brush™

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The brush that every woman will love has arrived!

Our Hair Straightening Brush™ is a new tool for straightening, and curling the ends of your hair.

It straightens your hair in just a few seconds!

If you're tired of wasting a lot of time straightening your hair with a traditional straightener and comb, then the solution for you has arrived.

With the Hair Straightening Brush™, you'll be able to leave your hair straight and silky with curly ends in an instant, saving you lots of time leaving the house.

Why will it be your favorite?

This brush gives you the fast professional result of straight and silky hair you always dreamed of, in just a few minutes, allowing you to be ready in just a few minutes and leave quickly for work or that important meeting. At last, you will avoid wasting time under the hairdryers and wasting hours in the salon.

This brush is perfect for straightening hair and leaving it silky, smooth and soft from the first stroke. It reaches 145 ℃ in 30 seconds and reaches a maximum temperature of 220 ℃. It is suitable for all hair types and its temperature control buttons will help you choose the amount of heat according to your hair type.


SOFT AND HEALTHY HAIR: Our Hair Straightening Brush™ gives a lively and elastic effect without hurting your hair. Say goodbye to the burnt look of regular products and enjoy smooth, silky hair that's easy to manage. Just brush your hair once and you'll notice a shiny, sleek look.

ANION CARE: Our Hair Straightening Brush™ features nano anions released by the heating plate, forming a protective coating on the hair, helping to protect it from dryness and frizz. It also provides less hair loss and breakage. Additionally, the hair will be protected from burns and damage.

★SAVE TIME: This comb has the novel PTC heating technology from the 60's, allowing it to heat up in just one minute. Save your waiting time!

★SAFE TO USE: The heating elements between the teeth prevent your scalp from burning, you won't have to worry about scalp or hand burns.

★IDEAL FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Thanks to its different temperature levels you can easily choose the right temperature. It is ideal for fine, bleached, wavy or curly hair making it look prettier and more beautiful.


Material: PTC
Color: black
Voltage: 220V
Power: 45W
Weight: 378g/0.83lb

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