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Polygel Premium™ Nails Kit

Polygel Premium™ Nails Kit

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Look perfect with a natural color!

Thanks to the Polygel Premium™ Nails Kit you can give life to your nails with a natural and very elegant color to match your favorite outfit. They are easy to apply, resistant and ideal for any occasion.

 In a few simple steps you will be able to have perfect nails without damaging your skin or hurting yourself.

Achieve a dazzling color and shine perfect to combine with your favorite clothes. You can also use different shades of color depending on the amount applied.



They are designed not to break or get damaged and can be worn without worry.

Package includes:

-1x Polygel Premium™ Nails Kit

-1x Polygel

-1x Slip Solution

-1x Brush

-1x Spatula

-10x Nail Moulds

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