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Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber

Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber

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A full head of hair isn’t a dream with Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber!

The sweat-proof fiber powder is made of colored keratin protein that sticks and blends undetectably with existing hair strands.


Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber is designed to resist wind, rain and sweat by absorbing water and excess oil from the scalp and hair roots.


  • Instant Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber
    Fill thinning hair, hairline and bald spots in 5 seconds! Simply sprinkle Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber and achieve a full, volumized hair!
    Fluffup Secret Hair Fiber Powder
  • Gray Hair Cover Up
    Use Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber and cover all the grey roots and color-treated roots quickly.
    Fluffup Secret Hair Fiber Powder
  • 16-Hr Sweat-Proof
    Sevich™ Hair Building Fiber is designed to resist wind, rain and sweat by absorbing water and excess oil from the scalp and hair roots.
    Fluffup Secret Hair Fiber Powder
  • Easy to Remove
    Wash out easily with shampoo.
  • Scalp-Friendly
    Does not contain paraben, sulfate, and it is peroxide-free.
  • For All Hair Colors
    Choose from 9 shades and can be used to match any hair color.

Fluffup Secret Hair Fiber Powder


  • Ingredients:CottonFiber, Beeswax, Keratin
  • Weight: 12g
  • 100% Dermatogically Tested For Women and Men
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